I have recently put my songs on Soundcloud. There, streaming doesn't hurt my server and I get some stats for free. Also, they have a nice Flash player.

Also, I found a small community of songwriters which is pretty nice. People share their songs with each other and comment on the parts they like. You can check my list of favourites to see what cool songs I have discovered so far. It is encouraging to be with others who share this amazing hobby and open up just like yourself.

Finally a social network I actually need!

I have also realised that the concept of an album is not dead. I thought it was and I'd just publish a stream of songs. Some people do that, but they are extreme in their commitment (e.g. publish one song a week) and I can't do that. On Soundcloud, I can create sets and sets have the order I choose.  I like that. On magnatune, everything has to be in albums. People still think (and buy) in the album concept.

Anyways, my first album is called "Western" - honoring the beloved guitar I recorded all of it with and also the direction all my moving of the last years has been. It feels good to be able to close a chapter and think of the future songs as a new one - so I am happy with albums, too, it seems :)

15 Dec 2009 - 22:27
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5 star article brilliant. I am new to blogging and you used a langauge I can understand
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