The last time I was at his studio, I showed my friend Peter (with whom I recorded Open Mile) my version of "The show must go on". It is a rather mellow version.

I think this suits the lyrics - after all "the show must go on" stands as an almost neutral fact, right next to a cohort of philosophical questions that remain unanswered and biographical observations that fill the whole spectrum between sadness and joy. I also gave it a 3/4 rhythm, which makes it less like a military march (don't get me wrong btw, I love Queens version, as well) and more like a dance.

Well, he liked it and we jammed on this version together for a bit. Peter added a touch of The Doors with his keyboard, which really completes the picture, I think. So, last month I came back to the studio to record us playing it. Here is the result:

30 Oct 2012 - 14:35
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